Who Are The Slobbies?

Willey Singleton - drums, vocals
Michael Keating - guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
Justin Kerr - guitar, bass, face-melting, vocals

The Slobbies have been evolving since 2002. Started by Willey and Mike as Pizza Express after their respective bands (The Hobbs and The Cronies) bailed on them. It was later changed to Adrenacrome and then The Slobbies after someone stole that name. This band was a reuniting as Willey was once in the Cronies and Mike and Willey had been in a band called Hold the Onions as youths and also performed "Marley and Marley" from The Muppet Christmas Carol together in front of their 7th grade class. Mitchell was next to join, as another defected Hobbs member. He provided that low-end funk you all loved until he joined an underground task force to eradicate meerkat fetus sacrifice. Milo and Adam were long time friends of the band and ended up becoming involved by contributing to the rock and roll flavor the Slobbies are world-renowned for. They are credited with not only vocals but the writing of select lyrics. Suddenly out from a Fat Corpse came the ever luminescent being named Justin. He decided to bring The Slobbies to a completely new level with his prowess in string mastery. The Slobbies play Slob-Rock music. Enjoy!